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Kindred Bravely

Disclosure – This post is in no way sponsored and these are my own opinions. I purchased these items myself with no incentive from the company. Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


Over the last months, I have been able to try several different products from a company I just learned about, Kindred Bravely. Kindred Bravely is known as a luxury line of pregnancy, nursing, and beyond bras, underwear, pajamas, and every day clothing. You have probably had their advertisements come up in your Facebook news feed, Pinterest boards, or Instagram (they are killing their target marketing). Their founder, Deeanne Akerson, started the company as a mama who could not find a single thing in her closet or drawers that was practical and comfortable, but also beautiful. She has aimed high with Kindred Bravely and, in my opinion, has reached great success. In this review, I will give you the down and dirty, honest truth.


Simply Sublime Nursing Bra – $29

Brutal truth – not all nursing bras are equal.

Let me tell you something….This is the best nursing bra I have ever tried. Not only is the fabric buttery soft and oh-so-comfortable, but this bra actually makes my boobs look like regular, non-nursing boobs, WITHOUT an underwire. Most nursing bras don’t do that. They look sad or saggy or just flat. You know the drill. Its not appealing.

But THIS bra? This bra is wonderful. It has a great shape to it and is so very comfortable. The band is nice and wide, it is seamless, the straps are relatively thick, and the fabric is just so stinking soft. Its love. It really is. It comes in the beautiful colors of black, white, grey, beige, ivory with pink trim, and pink.

I have very few complaints. I will say I think the band runs a hair small and the clips for nursing are up fairly high, but that would work well for a larger chested woman and it really is not an issue.


French Terry Nursing Bra – $22

When little Owen was born, the only sleep bra I had was some sort of combination of spandex, elastic, and torture. It was far from my favorite thing to wear. It dug in in certain spots, didn’t offer much support, and was not super practical when it was time to nurse. Enter the French Terry nursing bra. I have to say….I am incredibly impressed by the luxuriously soft french terry. This is the perfect sleep bra. It is so comfortable it isn’t even funny. There is no elastic in the band (so nothing digs in), it has the perfect amount of stretch and support, and it is incredibly easy to nurse in. One of these bras was just not enough. I now have several and plan to add more. The colors are beautiful, coming in the basic black, beige, white, and grey, as well as a gorgeous deep wine, blue, and a sweet pink. These bras are perfect to wear around the house too. Add a nursing pad for a little extra coverage and you are ready to face the day out-and-about in the most comfortable bra you could own.

Not a single complaint about this bra.


Simply Sublime Nursing Tank – $36

This tank changed my life.

Yes, that is very dramatic, BUT IT IS TRUE, OK!? 

I am a nursing mama and I really just don’t like using a nursing cover. Owen gets hot and sweaty, I can’t see anything, and I get hot and sweaty. Its just too much to deal with. So I use the two shirt method. I wear a tank top underneath my shirt, lift up the top layer, and my stomach and everything is still covered while Owen nurses. Seems easy, right? Well, let me tell you – I get so tired of wearing a dang tank top it is not even funny. I am a hot blooded lady and just get so stinking hot with a nursing bra, a tank top, AND a shirt on. I also get tired of the mass amount of elastic crushing my giant rib cage that I inherited from my father. It is so uncomfortable. This tank top changes everything.

Not only is it an incredibly comfortable bra….IT IS ALSO A TANK TOP. That means I can wear ONE thing and not have to worry about finding a tank top to go under my shirt. There is no super intense elastic trying to compress my rib cage. The tank top part has a good amount of compression to keep everything “together” but its still very breathable, light, AND seamless. It is comfortable, supportive, and the perfect base piece for any outfit. Plus it is a nursing tank so you can easily nurse! I need 500 of them.

The band is more relaxed in the tank than it is in the Simply Sublime Bra, which I think is absolutely perfect. The only thing I could even dream up to complain about is that it could be a hair more supportive. But honestly that is me nitpicking for something to have an issue with.


High Waist Postpartum Underwear & C-Section Recovery Panties – $9/$20/$28

I didn’t really have a plan for what I would do postpartum in terms of underwear, once those wonderful mesh ones were no longer needed. As a c-section mama, I was not looking forward to having the traditional panty line right where my incision was. Thankfully, I stumbled upon these recovery panties by Kindred Bravely and got set to try.

Coming in a single pair, as well as a three and five pack, these postpartum and C-section recovery panties are very functional for the postpartum period, while also making you feel like a human again. They are trimmed with lace on the waist and come in beautiful colors. They hit just high enough that they avoid any potential issue with c-section incisions, which was absolutely perfect for me. The fabric is, again, incredibly soft and very kind to postpartum bodies.

I had a tiny bit of fraying on the leg holes of one of my pairs, but that is the only issue I had. I highly recommend soon-to-be mamas give these a try, c-section or not!


More On Kindred Bravely

Deeane got it right when she created these products. She was truly thinking of mamas with each design choice, from cut to fabric to functionality. I am so thankful to find a line of products that make me feel as great as they do. Their price points are very reasonable for the quality of the product that you receive. Each piece is carefully crafted and made with the highest quality. I can’t wait to try more from them. They recently launched a new long sleeve top based on one of their pajama tops, the Davy. I also have my eye on their maternity dress/nursing nightgown (the Angelina), their new ultra high-waisted leggings, as well as the Marvella t shirt nursing bra. Basically, I want to try everything. Its not often that I feel this way about a company so you know that Kindred Bravely is one-of-a-kind.

You can find their products on Amazon (they are Prime eligible!!!) or on their website,

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