A Thank You To My Doula

A Thank You To My Doula

To my sweet, wonderful, ever-supportive doula…

I was a first time mom and you a first time doula. It was really by chance that we even had the opportunity to work together! I am so glad I messaged you to ask about your experience using a doula and even more glad that it turned into you being our doula.

Throughout my entire pregnancy, you listened to my worries, helped me navigate through the world of wanting a not-standard birth in a world of “this is what we do and how we do it” doctors, fielded the craziest of questions at all hours of the day (and often night), and helped us prepare for birth as best we could. Our prenatal appointments were so fun (yes, fun!) and we truly enjoyed getting together for each of them.

When it FINALLY was time for Owen’s arrival, you were the biggest blessing. You stayed with me so my husband could nap and encouraged me when I was nearly certain I couldn’t do it any longer. I was so overwhelmed after 30+ hours in labor. I was incredibly emotional and raw. You stood, sat, and walked the halls with me. You cheered me on through the most intense of contractions and brought so much positivity and energy during such a trying labor. Even during the most challenging moments, you helped us make the best decisions we could, whether that meant big changes to our labor and delivery plan or not. You rode the rollercoaster of my crazy labor right along side next to us and buckled in for the long haul.

I will forever love you for setting up the labor tub, with the world’s smallest seat that actually turned out to be very comfortable and helpful. For telling me I was doing great and giving me a reassuring touch. For giving me space when I needed it and laughing with me as I told you I thought my vocalizing sounded like a ghost (It still makes me laugh). For the cold wash cloths and oils and positive energy. For cheering me on as I pushed (for an eternity) and waiting outside the OR for little Owen to make his arrival. You were one of the first to know about Owen’s existence and it was only fitting that you were the first (aside from us) to see him after he was born!

Thank you so very much for your hard work.

You were my champion and advocate when we were so tired we couldn’t see straight. You kept your cool through everything and it was your calming spirit that helped both of us so much. Even at our postpartum visit you were helping me by giving valuable insight on why things happened how they did. It helped me so much more than you know.

I will forever be thankful for the love and support you poured into us and into the birth of our sweet baby boy. I will always, always, always encourage mamas of all walks of life to have a doula because of the difference you made for us. We are so thankful to have had you be with us as a member of Team Nicol.

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